Reciprocating Chiller and the Advantages You Should Know About It

Reciprocating Chiller

Chillers are the most common equipment used in prominent commercial places. There are multiple chillers available in the market to fulfill your requirements and budget. Scientifically designed, these chillers have their own set of pros and cons. Today in this blog, we will share with you about reciprocating chillers and their advantages that you should know about. Before diving into the blog, let us first understand what a reciprocating chiller is. 

What is a Reciprocating Chiller?

Designed to work in humid conditions, these reciprocating chillers are water-based with utmost energy efficiency. We at Refcon produce the  Reciprocating Chillers in India on a large scale. One of the best parts of investing in a reciprocating chiller is that it can hold large loads.

Advantages of Reciprocating Chiller 

  • The chillers are conveniently packaged for quick and easy installation. 
  • Numerous trustworthy chiller companies in India are the suppliers and most with the assistance of factory-trained and certified technicians or those hired by manufacturers. 
  • Up to 200 tonnes of reciprocating chillers are available from various manufacturers in increments of 20, 25, 30.
  • A limited number of reciprocating chiller manufacturers produce reciprocating chillers available in a smaller number of models. By using these chillers, we’ve been able to increase load efficiency.
  • The reciprocating chillers use environmentally friendly refrigerators.
  • Different condensing options, such as air cooling and low ambient operation, are available.
  • When compared to traditional chillers, chillers are much easier to control. Due to advancements in technology, its functionality has been enhanced and readily available.
  • It is common for chillers to come in a smaller size, ranging from 1 to 100 tonnes. 
  • Central chillers are the norm from ten to hundreds or thousands of tonnes.

Different Type of Reciprocating Chillers 

There are a variety of reciprocating chillers available. 

  • Air Cooled Reciprocating Chillers – are cooled by air. Due to their high energy efficiency, air-cooled reciprocating chillers can operate in even the most extreme tropical climates without compromising cooling quality. Their development and testing follow strict guidelines set by governing bodies worldwide. Installing and using them is a breeze.
  • Water Cooled Reciprocating Chillers – are cooled by water. This water-cooled chiller is designed to perform well even in the most extreme weather conditions. It is environmentally friendly and utilizes energy conveniently. For the evaluation purpose, international standards are considered. In this industry, fluid temperatures and other factors are critical, so they’re used in this specific way. They can be tailored to meet particular needs. 
  • Industrial Reciprocating Chillers – can come across them in industrial settings where one application is vastly different from another. Process fluids play an essential role in the materials used to make them, chosen under the expert’s supervision. 

We at Refcon Technologies & System tailor the individual requirements and always aim in providing the best services. Our customized services can guarantee chilling plants and industrial cooling solutions. If you have been looking to install reciprocating chillers, then Refcon Chillers are the reliable providers to contact. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today! 

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