Flake Ice Plants

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REFCON design, manufacture, supply, install and commission Freon / Ammonia based Flake Ice Plants in Packaged form for smaller requirements and as a site installation for bigger requirements, capacities available are from 0.5TPD to 50TPD, and in modules of 50TPD for higher capacity requirement.

We provide National / Imported Ice Flaker as per clients requirement. The High Side Refrigeration unit is designed, manufactured by REFCON.

Frequently Asked Questions

The block of ice is typically made up of frozen water molecules. However, depending on the source of the water, there may be trace amounts of minerals or impurities present. Additionally, some manufacturers may add food-grade coloring or flavoring to the ice block.

Ice blocks are also commonly referred to as ice cubes. They are small, typically square-shaped pieces of frozen water that are commonly used to cool beverages or preserve food items. They can be made at home using ice cube trays or purchased pre-made from stores.

Flake ice is produced by spraying a thin layer of water onto a refrigerated drum. The water freezes into a thin layer of ice which is then scraped off the drum by a rotating blade. The ice flakes are then collected and stored for use in various applications such as food preservation and cooling.

To keep ice blocks from melting, you can wrap them in a thick layer of newspaper or place them in an insulated cooler. Adding salt to the ice can also help, as it lowers the temperature at which the ice melts. Avoid exposing the ice to direct sunlight or high temperatures.