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REFCON designs and manufacture high efficiency Freon-based scroll chillers, with Danfoss / Copeland make scroll compressors.

Chillers are offered with air cooled and water cooled options.
Scroll Chillers Manufacturer

REFCON is scroll chillers manufacturer, starting from 5TR capacity up to 20TR capacity with single compressor system, and then after we offer multiple compressor system, as per requirement. Chillers are available with varied range of refrigerants like Freon R 22, R 404a, R 407c, R 507, R 134a etc.

Chillers are provided with wide operating range, low noise, low vibration, low failure rate, and in compact design and maximum accessibility and total connectivity.

Energy-efficient chillers tropicalised to suit Indian conditions.

Scroll Chillers tropicalised design ensures that they operate efficiently even at high ambient temperatures that are frequently encountered in many parts of India / Abroad. These chillers are not only easy to install and commission but also ideally suited for handling varying load applications due to their multiple compressor configuration.

Features of Scroll & Water Cooled Chillers in India

  • Reliable and highly energy-efficient scroll compressors
  • Mega power savings with tandem scroll models
  • Tropicalised design for high ambient temperatures up to 52 degree C
  • Auto distribution of load for efficient running of the chiller
  • Capacity modulation ensures that only required number of compressors operate to handle the load, thus saving power
  • Lower electrical infrastructure cost
  • Quiet operation

Frequently Asked Questions

The air-cooled chillers are cooled just through the air and they are often used in small or medium-sized facilities. The water-cooled chillers connect to the cooling towers, separately cooled by the condensed water loop.

It largely depends on your demand. Installing an air cooling system is much easier than a water-cooling system. But in terms of capacity, energy consumption, and efficiency, a water-cooling system is a better option.

We at Refcon are the manufacturer of water-cooled Chiller and provide chillers to the leading industries and serve them for the purpose.

The standard warranty on the water chillers is 12 months. If there's damage within the duration, we will be assisting you in replacement.

It's advisable to take the cleaning service from the leading scroll chillers manufacturers at least once a year. Serviced cleaning is mandatory to prevent damages, clogging, and letting the scroll chillers work efficiently.