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Efficient and Reliable Reciprocating Chillers for Your Cooling Needs


Reciprocating chillers are a reliable and trusted choice in the world of cooling. These machines use pistons to move refrigerant, which absorbs heat from water. This chilled water is then pumped throughout buildings or equipment to keep things cool.

Reciprocating chiller is a favorite for many reasons. Refcon's modern designs make them energy efficient, so they're cost-effective to operate. They're also known for their reliability, lasting for years with regular maintenance. But the biggest perk might be their versatility. Unlike some chillers, we make reciprocating chillers in a range of sizes. This indicates they can be tailored to suit nearly any industry. Giant office buildings, manufacturing plants, and even hospitals all have unique cooling needs. Our reciprocating chillers offer a customizable solution to meet those needs. They excel in precision temperature control for applications like food processing or data centers.

Manufacturers of Reciprocating chillers in India
We Design and Manufacture Feron/Amonia based Packaged Chillers/Chilling Plants up to (-) 40 Deg C, The System is designed in accordance with latest National and International Standards.

Chiller Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At REFCON Technologies & Systems Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in offering a diverse range of chiller solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise extends to the design and manufacturing of Feron/Ammonia-based Packaged Chillers and Chilling Plants, capable of achieving temperatures as low as -40°C. Committed to upholding the latest National and International Standards, we ensure that our systems deliver unparalleled quality and performance.

packaged chillers in India

We offer range of Packaged Reciprocating Chiller/Chilling Plant with Air cooled/Water Cooled Type Condenser, Hermetic, Semi Hermetic, Open Type Reciprocating, etc. type compressors, Evaporators,Reciprocating Chillers Complete Control Panel, Expansion Valve, Electrical Panel with Complete Interlocking System and fault Indication. The Packaged Chillers are tested for more than 48 hours under our Stringent quality control System. Physical inspection and performance run trial of Packaged Chillers, is always insisted to the Client before dispatch.

Chiller with Reciprocating Compressors

Explore our extensive lineup of Packaged Reciprocating Chillers and Industrial Chilling Plants, equipped with Air-cooled/Water-cooled Type Condensers. Choose from a variety of compressor options, including Hermetic, Semi-Hermetic, and Open Type Reciprocating compressors, along with essential components such as Evaporators, Reciprocating Chillers Complete Control Panel, Expansion Valve, Electrical Panel with Complete Interlocking System, and fault Indication. Our Packaged Chillers undergo thorough testing for over 48 hours under our stringent quality control system, ensuring reliability. Prioritizing physical inspection and performance run trials, we provide clients with confidence in the performance of our systems before dispatch.

Chillers with Screw Compressors

For those seeking alternatives, our range of Chillers with Screw Compressors offers efficient cooling solutions. These Chillers are equipped with state-of-the-art screw compressors, providing reliable performance and energy efficiency. The design includes features such as advanced control systems, high-quality condensers, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring optimal functionality in diverse industrial settings. Our commitment to quality is reflected in rigorous testing procedures to guarantee the longevity and efficiency of our Screw Compressor-based Chillers.

Chiller with Scroll Compressors

Additionally, we present Chiller solutions with Scroll Compressors, catering to specific industrial cooling needs. These Chillers boast the advantages of scroll compressor technology, delivering precise temperature control and energy efficiency. The compact design of Scroll Compressors ensures space-saving installations without compromising performance. Our Scroll Compressor-based Chillers undergo comprehensive testing, adhering to industry standards, to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

Industry-Leading Service in India and Beyond

As a premier service provider for both large-scale industrial and smaller packed chillers in India, REFCON Technologies & Systems has established itself as a benchmark for Industrial Reciprocating Chillers. Our commitment extends globally, with a proven track record of delivering unique digitalization and customization services to industries worldwide.

Comprehensive Chiller Solutions

Whether you require packaged chillers or custom-designed and installed reciprocating chillers, REFCON Technologies & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is your trusted vendor and service provider. Our services cater to both new installations and the modernization of existing units, with a focus on quality, service guarantee, and competitive pricing.

Optimal Performance Parameters

REFCON Chillers offer flexibility in capacities, temperature settings, refrigerant choices, and ancillary components. Our Variable Packaged Contents allow customization with components such as compressors, drive motors, pumps, panels, and more. The Compact Package is delivered complete with internal piping, instrumentation, and wiring, ready for immediate connection to your system upon arrival at the site.

User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance

Experience the convenience of a Simple Operating System, where all operation and maintenance elements are easily accessible from one side, ensuring straightforward operation and maintenance. Our On-Site Utilities feature eliminates the need for additional site requirements, providing a Ready-to-Use solution for your industrial cooling needs. For the most efficient and cost-effective chiller solutions, contact REFCON Technologies & Systems Pvt. Ltd. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in the new era of Indian industrialization and economic prosperity.

Key Features of Reciprocating Chillers

With their robust design and energy-saving features, these chillers are the go-to choice for various industrial and commercial applications. Here are the key features to look for in a reciprocating chiller:

  • High Efficiency

    Reciprocating compressor chiller is known for its high energy efficiency. They use advanced compressors that can operate at varying speeds. This allows them to match the cooling load precisely. By doing so, they consume less energy. These chillers also use advanced heat exchangers that improve heat transfer. It helps reduce the overall energy required for cooling. The result is lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact.

  • Durability and Reliability

    Reciprocating chiller is built to last. They use high-quality materials like stainless steel and durable alloys. The construction is robust, designed to withstand harsh conditions. Components such as compressors and motors are made to be long-lasting. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Reliable performance is ensured even under heavy usage. Thus, making them a dependable choice for various applications.

  • Advanced Control Systems

    Reciprocating chillers come with advanced control systems. These systems allow precise monitoring and control of the chiller’s operations. They use sensors to track various parameters like temperature and pressure. This data is then used to optimize performance. Advanced controls help in detecting faults early. The reciprocating chiller working principle can adjust the chiller’s operation to maintain efficiency. This leads to improved performance and reduced downtime.

  • Customization Options

    Reciprocating compressor chiller offers many customization options. They can be tailored to meet specific cooling needs. Options include different compressor sizes and configurations. There are also various heat exchanger designs available. Users can choose between air-cooled and water-cooled models. Other custom features can include noise reduction systems and special coatings for corrosion resistance. This flexibility ensures that the chiller can be optimized for any application.

Technical Specifications for Reciprocating Chillers:

  • Capacity Range

    These chillers come in various capacities. They can range from small units with a few tons of cooling capacity to large units with several hundred tons. The available capacity range is from 1TR to 100TR. This allows the chillers to meet different cooling needs, from small buildings to large industrial facilities.

  • Cooling Capabilities

    These chillers can provide cooling at a wide range of temperatures. They can typically achieve temperatures as low as 20° Deg C and go up to (-)40° C. Their cooling efficiency is high, often rated above 15 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). This ensures effective and efficient cooling.

  • Noise Levels

    Operational noise levels of reciprocating chillers are usually low. Most units produce noise in the range of 70 to 80 decibels. Advanced designs and soundproofing can reduce this further. This makes them suitable for both industrial and commercial applications where noise can be a concern.


Reciprocating chillers are efficient, durable, and eco-friendly cooling systems. They are designed for various industrial and commercial applications. Here is a list of benefits listed below:

  • Energy Savings

    Engineered with efficiency in mind, reciprocating chillers aim to reduce energy consumption. They use advanced compressors that adjust their speed based on cooling needs. This means they don’t run at full power all the time. They only use as much energy as needed. Efficient heat exchangers also help in reducing energy use. These features result in lower electricity bills.

  • Environmental Impact

    These chillers are eco-friendly. They use refrigerants that have low global warming potential (GWP). This reduces their impact on the environment. Many models are also designed to meet strict environmental regulations. They comply with standards set by organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By using less energy, they also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This makes them a green choice for cooling.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Offering long-term cost savings, reciprocating chillers are designed to minimize energy consumption. Their high efficiency translates to reduced operating expenses. Meanwhile, durable construction minimizes the necessity for frequent repairs and replacements. Ultimately, lowering maintenance costs. Over time, the savings on energy and maintenance add up. This makes reciprocating chillers a cost-effective solution for cooling.

  • Ease of Maintenance

    Designed with maintenance in mind, these chillers have accessible components. It simplifies routine checks and servicing. They often come with advanced control systems that can diagnose issues early. By reducing the risk of major breakdowns, low maintenance requirements lead to decreased downtime. Hence, ensuring consistent performance and lowering the overall cost of ownership. Reciprocating chillers are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Their durable design ensures they last long with minimal maintenance. This makes them an excellent choice for a variety of cooling needs.


Reciprocating chillers are utilized in various industries for precise temperature control and reliable cooling performance. Below is the list of applications of these chillers:

Industries Served

Reciprocating chillers are used in many industries. These include Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, manufacturing, and data centers. They are also common in hospitals and office buildings.


These chillers are highly adaptable. They can be customized to fit different cooling needs. Whether it's a small office or a large industrial plant, reciprocating chillers provide efficient cooling solutions.

Why Choose Refcon Chillers as Reciprocating Chillers Manufacturers

Refcon Chillers is one of the leading reciprocating chiller manufacturers in India. We have earned a strong reputation for reliability and efficiency. Our chillers are designed to provide consistent cooling, making them ideal for various industrial and commercial applications. We use high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure our chillers perform well even in demanding conditions.

Customers appreciate Refcon’s commitment to energy efficiency, which helps reduce operational costs. Our chillers are easy to maintain, saving time and effort for businesses. We also offer excellent customer support, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.

Also, our focus is on sustainability by developing eco-friendly products. This aligns with the growing need for environmentally responsible solutions. With a proven track record and a dedication to innovation, we stand out as a dependable manufacturer for all your cooling needs.

Support and Warranty

We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide detailed warranty information to guarantee peace of mind with every purchase.

Customer Support:

Our comprehensive support services addresses all your needs. Use the quick enquiry section on the right side of this page for immediate assistance. Our team is ready to contact you promptly and resolve any queries you may have about our products and services.

Warranty Details:

For detailed warranty information and to learn more about our products, reach out to us right away. We are here to provide all necessary details and ensure you have a clear understanding of the warranty terms and coverage for our chillers.

Key Takeaways

  • Reciprocating chillers use piston-driven compressors to provide cooling by compressing and circulating refrigerant.
  • These chillers offer consistent and dependable cooling. It is suitable for various industrial and commercial uses.
  • They are designed to optimize energy use, helping to reduce operational costs.
  • Reciprocating compressor chiller is ideal for a wide range of applications. It starts from small-scale installations to large industrial setups, thanks to their scalable capacity.
Refcon Chillers based in Mumbai / Ahmedabad /, India is your go-to source for premium reciprocating chillers. We offer expert design, installation, and service. Get a chiller tailored to your needs. We have a wide range of products, which consist of screw chillers, scroll chillers, low-temperature chillers, and more! which are supported by our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Take the first step towards optimized cooling solutions—reach out to us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can specify your requirement for chillers by filling up the inquiry form. Let us know your requirements then we will guide you through and suggest the best chillers to your facility.

To order a reciprocating chiller from our website, you must contact us. Each of the chillers varies from one to another. Hence, you will have to specify the cooling requirement, and upon that, the product will be manufactured and delivered to your doorstep.

At Refcon, we offer a range of Packaged Chiller/Chilling Plant with Air-cooled/Water Cooled Type Condenser, Hermetic, Semi-Hermetic, and Open Type Reciprocating. Type compressors, Evaporators, Reciprocating Chillers Complete Control Panel, Expansion Valve, Electrical Panel with Complete Interlocking system and fault Indication.

At Refcon, we consider ourselves the best reciprocating chillers in India. Considering the experience and reputation in serving some large-scale industries, we bring unique digitalization and customer service. One of the best parts is that our expertise goes across the globe.

We offer essential features of packaged chillers: optimum operating system, variable packaged contents, compact package, simple operating system, and more. If you want to know more about it, then get in touch with us today.