Important Characteristics of Screw Chillers

With the rapid development of the industrial economy, the use of screw chillers is becoming more and more common. A screw chiller is a type of chiller also known as an air-cooled screw chiller/water-cooled screw chiller, due to its use of screw compressors.

Because it generates more efficiency than a scroll chiller, it is preferred by many industrial units like chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, textile plants, automobile manufacturers, ink printing plants etc.

So do you know the characteristics of a screw chiller? We will tell you.


  1. In a screw chiller, the evaporator and condenser are placed in a single unit which means the chiller doesn’t take up much space. Moreover, the chiller is simple and does not require a huge maintenance space so a large area is not required for the machine room.
  1. Because screw chillers do not vibrate much, its foundation is simple. That means the machine room can be located in an area that is near the area where colling is needed or it can even be placed on every floor. In a multi-story building chilling system, the pump lift can be greatly reduced thereby lowering installation and operating costs.
  1. A screw chiller is installed only once during the installation process and all the tests are performed by the engineer before leaving the factory premises. That is why it is easy to connect water and electricity which reduces the installation and commissioning workload. Compared to a piston chiller, screw chillers have flexible adjustments, a simple structure, less moving parts, no suction and an exhaust valve. Moreover, it is insensitive to wet stroke and has a low failure rate.
  1. A screw chiller can be made with the use of more than one refrigeration circuit. Two or more compressors have an inbuilt cycle control program for starting and terminating which balances the load and extends the service life of the unit. If one circuit breaks down, the circuits can still function normally. `
  1. Screw type chillers can also be equipped with environmental protection and energy-saving heat energy recovery devices that release hot water during refrigeration. These devices also perform intelligent program control according to the load changes: in steps like 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% capacity and also stepless from 100% to 250%, adjustment thereby saving energy.
  1. When the heat pump is in operation, the pressure in the working condition will be huge. At this time, it is better to use a screw chiller. Because of the low steam temperature of the screw-type consumables, the chances of a condenser fouling situation are greatly reduced which helps maintain heat transfer efficiency and operating stability.

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