Top Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Chiller

Top Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Chiller

An industrial chiller is a purpose-built machine to cool large plants and gear in industrial facilities. These are utilized in several different applications. Several kinds of chillers are available on the market, and selecting the right one for your company is critical. Whichever business you work in, selecting the ideal product is a complex process. However, there is no need to be perplexed; the following factors will assist you in choosing the appropriate product for your requirements. Before we begin, let’s first understand what is Industrial Chiller. 

What is Industrial Chiller?

An industrial chiller is a refrigeration system that maintains the temperature of equipment and materials, ensuring that processes function smoothly. Air conditioners remove moisture from the air, while water chillers chill fluids that may be utilized to condition rooms or excellent operations merely by eliminating heat. On the other hand, these units do not “cool” or “chill” anything; they remove heat.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Chiller 

  1. Floor Space: 

Floor space is critical in many factories and processing floors. You need as much space as possible. The objective is often to have as few superfluous stuff clogging up your floor space as possible. On the other hand, portable chillers repeatedly need to be put on the floor. They should be located directly next to the process that requires the most significant cooling. This is advantageous since it efficiently provides cooling where needed. However, it also means you are sacrificing important space that might be used for other equipment.

  1. Noise Level: 

This is a variable that varies with each machine. Due to the proximity of a portable unit to the work area, noise levels are often higher with mobile chillers. Suppose this is a big worry in your facility. In that case, you may always look into noise-reducing chillers or have the unit constructed for outdoor installation. This implies that noise levels are less of an issue than they could be otherwise.

Types of Chillers

Industrial chillers are classified in a variety of ways. Consider the following five chiller classes.

  1. Air Cooled Chillers: 

Generally, air-cooled chillers are less expensive than water-cooled chillers. However, since they generate much heat, these chillers are best suited for sites where heat is not a problem.

  1. Water Chillers – 

Water-cooled chillers in India are often quieter and more efficient than chillers with air cooling. As a result, they are appropriate for both commercial and small-scale establishments.

  1. Portable Chillers: 

The word “portable” does not relate to the chiller’s mobility in this instance. Rather than that, it signifies that a chiller incorporates all of the system’s fundamental components into a single unit.

  1. Stationary Chillers – 

“Stationary” chillers do not contain a tank or a pump. Rather than that, they are self-contained devices linked to a reservoir and pump to operate.

  1. Central Chillers: 

These chillers are used to cool a variety of operations. They may be portable or fixed and can be air- or water-cooled.

Portable chillers often work more precisely than their central equivalents. While a central chiller is usually limited to a single fixed temperature, mobile units are typically more changeable and adaptable, making it simple to choose a model that produces a steady and precise temperature that is an excellent match for the equipment being cooled.

Cost of Chillers

Without a doubt, portable chillers are more expensive than central chillers. However, pause before quickly dismissing the idea of purchasing a portable chiller. Buying a portable chiller enables you to pay for just what you need at the time. Hence, one has to be mindful before option for the chiller. 


It’s worth doing the necessary research in finding the industrial chiller manufacturers. Here are some of the questions to reflect on before purchasing from the manufacturer. 

  • Do they offer a chiller warranty?
  • How are chillers tested?
  • Are they offering accessories?
  • Did they design the chiller considering the industrial factors?
  • Do they offer services post-installation?
  • How long has the company been around in the business?

If you are satisfied with all the above questions, you can undoubtedly go for the manufacturer. Dealing with the manufacturer and no middle-man makes the process hassle-free. 

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