Water Cooled Chillers And The Essential Things You Should Know About It

Water Cooled Chillers help make indoors more comfortable by transferring heat from the indoor environment to an external environment. But not every chiller in the market is that useful for large-scale commercial purposes. By design, the coolers offered by water cooled chillers suppliers provide more precise heat transfer, more energy efficiency, and a longer product lifespan. The water cooled chillers india are the best devices for large and medium-size facilities because they provide consistent service and efficiency.  

Apart from that, for industrial and commercial air conditioning and cooling purposes, water-cooled chillers are the best option especially because of their stable performance output irrespective of the fluctuation of external or surrounding temperatures. A wide range of industrial refrigeration products is offered by water cooled chillers suppliers and manufacturers. For large-scale industrial facilities like shopping centers, malls, and airports, 15-ton capacity models to 2000-ton models are the most recommended and ideal water-cooled chillers. Usually, water cooled chillers India is installed inside the facilities or offices. According to scroll chillers manufacturer, installing water-cooled chillers indoors protects them from outdoor elements and ensures that the device sustains a long and more useful life. Most Industrial air conditioning solution requires additive installation costs and maintenance charges which is due to the cooling tower system.  

Working And Components Of Water-Cooled Chillers 

According to Water cooled chillers india manufacturers, their products mainly consist of three components which are evaporators, condensers, and cooling towers. 


In industrial air conditioning solutions and refrigeration systems, the role of the evaporators is to discharge water at lower temperatures and push it throughout the system by employing a pump. A complex network of cooling pipes passes the chilled water via numerous sections of the building, interchanging the coldness with the outside room temperature. Later, the warmer water from the system returns back to the evaporator where the refrigerant absorbs the extra heat while directing it to the condenser. 


The high-temperature water obtained from the industrial air conditioning solution is passed through the condenser water loop. The condensers condense the water supplied and flow towards the cooling tower. 

Cooling Towers 

The cooling towers play a critical role in industrial refrigeration solutions because they help chillers get rid of the extra heat stored in the water. The cooling tower employ fans that feed the unit with cool air which eventually cools down the high-temperature incoming water from the condenser. From the cooling tower, the low-temperature water travels back to the condenser and the   

About us: 

REFCON is a renowned scroll chillers manufacturer that designs and supplies high-efficiency Freon-based scroll chillers, with Danfoss/ Copeland making scroll compressors. The industrial refrigeration products offered by us, the water cooled chillers suppliers, and manufacturers are provided in a wide operating range, low noise, low vibration, low failure rate, and in a compact design and maximum accessibility and total connectivity. REFCON, the scroll chillers manufacturer offers a varied range of refrigerants such as Freon R 22, R 404a, R 407c, R 507, R 134a, etc. We provide reliable and highly energy-efficient scroll compressors to all our clients.  

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