Factors To Industrial Refrigeration/Industrial Chillers?

Industrial chiller manufacturers in India have witnessed an exponential rise in industrial A/C equipment demand over the last few decades. One of the most prominent contributing factors is, indeed, global warming – a significant rise in temperature across the planet. The rise in demand can be credited to the 700 million metric tons of CO2 emission every year. In addition to that with commence of 21 centuries, most industrial business organizations have rapidly incorporated industrial air conditioning systems in their offices and industrial settings.  

By definition, a chiller is a cooling system that removes heat generated during an industrial process. In fact, all the industrial refrigeration products have integrated magnetic resonance imaging system that helps them to maintain the temperature by extracting the heat generated. Compressors, condenser, expansion valves, and evaporator are key components of any refrigeration system. 

According to some estimates, today’s industrial refrigeration market is accountable for the consumption of approximately 4.26 quadrillion British Thermal Units (of energy) per year.  

The application of Industrial refrigeration covers a gamut of industrial processes ranging from high-temperature process chilling to low-temperature freezing processes.  

Industrial chiller manufacturers cater to a wide range of large-scale industrial organizations from food processing to chemical to pharmaceutical to plastic manufacturing to construction.  

Food processing companies and businesses offering cold storage of fresh-stock produce services are some of the largest sectors for industrial chiller manufacturers in India, where industrial air conditioning system plays an essential role in smooth business operations.  

In addition, the products offered by industrial chiller manufacturers are crucial for the implementation of industrial processes such as mixing, and cooling, as well as the pasteurization process for the large-scale production of beverages such as beer and wine, including milk. They are also used in shopping complexes, malls, restaurants, and residential apartments.  

According to industrial chiller manufacturers in India, Medical industries cover a significant chunk of their customer share. The chiller machines offered by industrial chiller manufacturers for medical purposes are uniquely designed for consistency and reliability to maximize the uptime of lifesaving cooling systems.  

They are extensively used to lower patients’ body temperature during certain crucial medical procedures and to keep medical test samples at proper temperatures. MRI machine chillers, CT scanner Chillers, PET scans chillers and linear accelerator chillers are some of the prominent cooling devices extensively used in the medical industry.    

In the case of the food supply chain industry, if the refrigeration process is not performed correctly by the suppliers, then it can be detrimental to the quality of the food product and can jeopardize the reputation of the company.  

The type of chiller businesses choose for commercial and industrial activities tends to vary in capacity with the application of the device. Moreover, the key objective of innovative solutions such as chiller products offered by industrial chiller manufacturers in India is cost-effectiveness.   


Being one of the reputable industrial chiller manufacturers in India, we offer safe, reliable, innovative, and cost-effective chilling systems that meet the highest standards, energy demands, and environmental goals. 

Refcon Chillers hold decades of experience in the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning sector. We offer highly reliable industrial air conditioning systems to a diverse range of industrial companies. All of our machinery products are designed, developed, and manufactured under the strict supervision of our excellent engineering team. We deliver products with optimum service life.    

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